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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Photos and Scores from Day 2 and 3 of the Arundel International Tournament 2014

At the end of Day 2 of the Arundel International Tournament, it looked like Team Poland still had the lead in the team competition, but Team England was catching up, and Team France and the Burgundian Alliance were still within striking distance. In the individual competition, Jan Gradon had caught up with Andy Deane and the two were tied for first, with Jarek Struczyński and Ben van Koert both only one point behind, and Per Estein Prøis-Røhjell and Steve R. Gagnon only one point behind them.

Day 2 Scoreboard for Arundel 2014(photo by Kyle Van Dolah-Evans)

Phillip Leitch(left) and Jan Gradon(right) joust during Day 2 of Arundel International Tournament 2014(photo from Victoria Dawe/ArundelCastle)

Phillip Leitch(left) and Jan Gradon(right) shake hands after their match
(photo from Arundel Castle)

Jarek Struczyński and Patrice Rolland joust during Day 2 of Arundel International Tournament 2014(photo from Arundel Castle)

Andy Deane attacks a hapless cabbage during the Mounted Skill at Arms competition
(photo from Arundel Castle)

By the end of Day 3 of the Arundel tournament, Team England had managed to pull ahead in the team competition, though Poland was still close enough to be a threat. Team France was now only one point behind Team Poland, and the Burgundian Alliance, though behind by three points, was still in the running. In the individual competition, Andy Deane managed to gain the lead again, with Ben van Koert surpassing both Jan Gradon and Jarek Struczyński to reach second place. The two Poles were tied for third and Steve Gagnon was only one point behind. With four more days of competition, however, anything can happen.

Day 3 Scoreboard for Arundel 2014(photo by ARW Photography)

Andy Deane of Team England smashes his lance against Ben van Koert of the Burgundian Alliance
(photo by ARW Photography)

Phillip Leitch of Team England and Per Estein Prøis-Røhjell of the Burgundian Alliance both break their lances during their jousting pass(photo by ARW Photography)

Ben van Koert of the Burgundian Alliance(photo by ARW Photography)

Jarek Struczyński of Team Poland(photo by ARW Photography)

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