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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Quondam is Looking for Few Good Jousters to Compete in Their Tournament

Quondam, a medieval festival held at the castle of 't Hooghuys in Berlaar, Belgium, is looking for a few good jousters to participate in their annual competitive jousting tournament. The tournament will be held May 16 - 17 and will consist of four teams of two jousters each competing in both the joust and mounted skill at arms. Jousters from any country are welcome to apply to the tournament, however, only eight jousters will be chosen to compete.

The four teams will represent the four territories of 15th century Burgundy: County of Flanders(yellow), Duchy of Limburg(white), Duchy of Brabant(black) and Duchy of Burgundy(blue). The participating jousters and tournament organizers will work together to choose the team pairings. Team banners and armbands in the team colors will be provided by the tournament organizers. The tournament organizers will also provide the equipment necessary for the joust, including frangible lances and a solid wooden tilt 1.6 meters high and 35 meters long.

Team coats of arms(images provided by Quondam)

To be considered for the competition, jousters must have their own full set of plate armour(any time period), a trained jousting horse and a medieval tent(or tents) large enough for themselves and their squires to live in during the tournament. A travel stipend of 250 Euros will be provided to each jouster to help cover the cost of transportation to and from the tournament.

Once at the tournament, a paddock, hay and water will be provided for the horses, and food will be provided for each jouster and a maximum of two squires. On Saturday night, jousters and squires will be invited to take part in a historic banquet held within the inner court of the castle.

More information about the event can be found on the Quondam websiteFacebook page or this pdf document. You can also email Quondam with any questions. If you are interested in participating, you must fill out the registration form before March 31.

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