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Monday, March 23, 2015

A Video about Mounted Skill at Arms by Rohan Tallit

A short video produced by the Finnish jousting troupe Rohan Tallit on how to properly perform mounted skill at arms in their troupe and at their tournaments. The demonstration is performed by Jaakko Nuotio, one of the leaders of Rohan Tallit.

Jaako Nuotio of the jousting troupe Rohan Tallit (photo by Sipo Foto)
Jaako Nuotio of the jousting troupe Rohan Tallit (photo by Sipo Foto)

While there is no international standard set of rules for jousting, mounted melee and/or mounted skill at arms, the techniques demonstrated in this video are widely accepted within the jousting community, however, they only specifically apply to those who will be participating in Rohan Tallit's tournaments. Overall, it is a very nicely done informative video, and since the information is presented completely visually, there is no language barrier to learning the techniques.

The jousting troupe Rohan Tallit will be hosting the Finnish National Championships in jousting and mounted skill at arms on March 28 - 29 at the Rohan Stables, Västanfjärdintie 911, 25830 Västanfjärd, Finland. For more information about this tournament, check out the March 2015 posts on the Rohan Tallit Facebook page.  For more information about the jousting troupe, check out the Rohan Tallit website.

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