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Thursday, April 26, 2012

"Horse & Man" writes about the horses of "Full Metal Jousting"

"Horse & Man" is a blog about "exploring the bond between equines and their people." Someone on Facebook recently linked to this blog, and it turns out that the author has written several posts about the horses used in "Full Metal Jousting". Her first article, posted on March 27, was about the show in general:

Horse & Man: FULL METAL JOUSTING… Have you seen this show?
"Have you seen this show?


Hubby and I sat down to watch it… and he was GRIPPED from the first scene.

Now, what guy is gripped when he watches a show about horses?… Yup, well, this show isn’t really about the horses. It is about men who try to smack each other off of BIG horses by using even bigger sticks while wearing a thousand pounds of armor with cool logos.

They look like MONSTER ENERGY DRINK CANS sitting on top of horses.

OK, so it isn’t really my kind of show… BUT…

The horses are gorgeous...." read more

In her second article, posted on April 11, she shares information about the FMJ horse, Gulliver:

Horse & Man: MEET GULLIVER: One of the Full Metal Jousting horses!

"After I wrote the blogpost about the new, very dynamic show on the History Channel, FULL METAL JOUSTING (here is the link to that post), the former owner of a few of the warhorses featured on that show contacted me!

What luck!

I had mentioned in that FULL METAL JACKET blogpost that the show would be even greater fun if the horses were featured more. I was saying how engaging it would be if we knew more about the equine partners!

Well… not only did the previous owner (her name is Rachelle) of a few of the horses contact me, but the wife of the Head Jouster, Shane Adams, also contacted me! Unfortunately, she could not grant an interview right away because the producers of the show wanted to look over my questions first (figures…), but I still hope to hear some ‘behind the scenes’ horse talk from her.

But today, I feel very fortunate to give you a glimpse of Gulliver in a fabulous report by his Rachelle, who loved him." read more

Gulliver from Full Metal Jousting ridden sidesaddle by previous owner Rachelle
(photo from Horse & Man)

In her third article, posted on April 24, the author of Horse & Man shares information about the FMJ horses Jefferson, Harlan and Reginald:

Horse & Man: MORE FULL METAL JOUSTING HORSES! Meet: Jefferson, Harlan and Reginald.
"Earlier, I wrote about FULL METAL JOUSTING, a series on the History Channel.

Then, I was lucky enough to hear from the previous owner of 4 of the jousting horses featured on the show!

A few weeks ago, I wrote about Gulliver (linked here).

Today, I will give you insider background into Jefferson, Harlan and Reginald thanks to their previous owner, Rachelle!" read more

Harlan from Full Metal Jousting and some of his herd mates(photo from Horse & Man)

I've added the RSS feed for "Horse & Man" to the list of "Blogs that deal with jousting(at least sometimes)". Hopefully, the author will be able to interview Shane Adams' wife and learn more about the horses used in "Full Metal Jousting".

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