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Friday, April 27, 2012

Wyvern Oaks Talks about Training to Joust

The author of the Wyvern Oaks blog recently posted an article about her husband training for the upcoming competitive jousting tournament "Lysts on the Lake". She talks a bit about training a less experienced horse to joust and why jousting on an experienced 14.2 hand horse doesn't work very well when your opponents are riding 18 hand drafts.

Wyvern Oaks: How not to wear a flymask (and... jousting!)
"Now, on to the jousting part. Since hubby built a quintain at Wyvern Oaks, he's been out practicing on it almost daily - good thing too, since it's only two weeks till Lysts on the Lake, the big jousting competition. He's been working on getting Saga to run straight, keeping his rein hand low, and turning his body to target his opponent. The basic idea is to drop your lance into place and then let your opponent run into it, as opposed to trying to reach over and hit your opponent. It's hard to do from the back of a moving horse, especially one like Saga who is new to the sport. There's a lot going on, and it happens very, very quickly." read more

Tall horse vs. short horse on the lyst field(photo by AzulOx)

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