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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Jordan Heron Wins the Lysts on the Great Lakes Jousting Tournament 2012

Despite rather nasty weather, The "Lysts on the Great Lakes" jousting tournament took place as scheduled August 10 – 11 in Belleville, Michigan as part of the 66th annual Wayne County Fair. Jordan Heron rode Sterling, a 16.2 hand Percheron cross gelding, to victory as the overall tournament champion. Charlie Andrews of the Knights of Mayhem earned second place overall, and Andre Renier of the Knights of Iron came in third overall.

Jordan Heron on Sterling (photo by Tammie Graves)

Unfortunately, L Dale Walter, the leader of the Knights of Iron – the hosts for this tournament – was injured when his horse Brenin slid in the mud and Dale was thrown into a nearby fence early on Friday. Brenin was not hurt and Dale will recover, but he was unable to continue jousting. However, Dale still played a big part in the tournament, assisting announcer Whitney Senn Rowlett by providing color commentary throughout the rest of the event.

L Dale Walter on Brenin (photo by Lillyrose Photography)

The tournament was originally going to be a team competition, but for various reasons became more of an individual competition with different winners for the different sections of the tournament. Andre Renier, on Riley, a 16.3 handTB/Percheron cross gelding, won the Mounted Skill at Arms(MSA) section of the tournament which was run as a series of individual games. He was also chosen as the winner of the Horsemanship award.

Andre Renier on Riley (photo by Tammie Graves)

Steve Hemphill won second place in the MSA and North Gienow (son of jouster Dale Gienow) came in third.

North Gienow puts on his medal while father Dale Gienow looks on with pride
(photo by Suzanne DeMink)

Kellyn Burtka, who rode a 15 hand foundation quarter horse mare named Ashlyn, was chosen as the Most Chivalrous competitor.

Kellyn Burtka on Ashlyn (photo by Tammie Graves)

The jousting section of the competition was intense with Charlie Andrews, Steve Hemphill and Dale Gienow earning perfect scores on multiple passes on Friday, and Jordan Heron, Jason Monarch, and Andre Renier earning perfect scores during their passes on Saturday. The winner of the jousting section of the tournament ended up being Jordan Heron, who also, as mentioned previously, won the overall tournament.

Jordan Heron(left) jousts Jason Edwards Monarch(right)(photo by Suzanne DeMink)

Charlie Andrews came in second in the jousting section of the tournament, and Steve Hemphill came in third.

According to Jason Edwards Monarch:
"This was one HARD tourney, with all the competitors separated by less than six points in the score. A 90% accuracy rate by all those who competed! Very hard rules, where only hits on the ecranch counted, and additional rules for horse control. I scored a perfect day on Friday, and almost on Saturday. Finally got to joust Steve Hemphill, who invited me to the TX tourney, and best in the world Charlie Andrews from Knights of Mayhem. Great time!" -- Jason Edwards Monarch

Mary Neill helps Steve Hemphill with his armour(photo by Tammie Graves)

The ground crew for the tournament was led by Samantha Matyas of the Knights of Iron and the head judge for the tournament was Gerald Pyra. The horses ridden by the jousters in the tournament were as follows:

Andre Renier rode Riley: Percheron Thoroughbred cross gelding, 16.3 hands
Charlie Andrews rode Baron: Shire gelding, 16.2 hands
Dale Gienow rode Druid: Clydesdale gelding, 16.3 hands
Jason Monarch rode Sabylla: Percheron mare, 16.3 hands
Jordan Heron rode Sterling: Percheron cross gelding, 16.2 hands
Kellyn Burtka rode Ashlyn: Foundation Quarterhorse mare, 15 hands
L Dale Walter rode Brenin: Belgian Quarterhorse cross gelding, 16.2 hands
Nikki Fourtzialas rode Thunder: Percheron gelding, 19.1 hands
Steve Hemphill rode Hershey: Quarterhorse mare, 14.1 hands

Dale Gienow on Druid (photo by Lillyrose Photography)

Many thanks to Suzanne DeMink and Tammie Graves for providing information and pictures for this article.

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  1. I loved that it was round robin.. getting to joust everyone is a great test and measurement of your skill that day ;) great crew to play with !