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Monday, August 6, 2012

Jousting in the News 7-25-12 through 8-4-12

TV Ridder Ole er i finalen ved EM i Ridderdyst (news video of Ole Bach competing during ECS at Spottrup Borg)

(video from article)

Reuters: Travel Postcard: 48 hours jousting in Sulmona, Italy (somewhat confusing article about some sort of jousting competition in Italy, probably a translation)

Get Surrey: A jousting good time at Loxwood Meadow (mentions jousting at a medieval festival)

TV Ridder Ole Bach fra Viborg blev nummer 2 til EM i Ridderdyst pa Spottrup Borg (news video of ECS aka EM i Ridderturnering featuring Ole Bach, also shows Steve Hemphill getting his helmet knocked off by Gunnar Cederberg's lance)

(video from article) Et brag af en finale med mjød, riddere og skønjomfruer(Nice article with very good pictures about the Bishop's Market medieval faire and EM i Ridderturnering at Spottrup Borg) (I recommend google translate to read articles in foreign languages) Interview med Ridder Ole
(interview with Danish jouster Ole Bach of Viborg)

Winnipeg Free Press: Medieval Festival is more than joust for fun (Nice article about Cook's Creek Medieval Festival featuring jousters Jordan Heron, Alison Mercer and Shawn Morrow, includes some nice pictures)

Jordan Heron and Alison Mercer (photo by Melissa Tait)

The Columbus Dispatch: Jousting tournament gives fairgoers a knight to remember (article features American jouster Thomas Nader and has a nice video as well as a photo slideshow)

(video from article)

The Columbus Dispatch: Photos: Jousting tournament at the Ohio State Fair
(a direct link to the aforementioned photo slideshow)

Toronto Sun: 48 hours jousting in Sulmona (the same article as earlier, but this one includes a picture)

Jousting in Sulmona, Italy (photo from article) Want To Get Medieval With Your Horse? (announcement of a jousting seminar in CAMDEN led by Rod Walker of FMJ and Full Tilt jousting)

CNN I Report: International Jousting League admires the Gniew Castle (brief article about Gniew tournament, mentions Frederic Piraux)

8-2-12 Victoria's Turn To Get Medieval (announcement of a jousting seminar in VICTORIA area led by Rod Walker of FMJ and Full Tilt jousting)

The Reporter Online: Hear ye! Hear ye! (announcement for a renaissance faire that has jousting)

Little Hampton Gazette: {photo from front page of paper} (picture of jouster Dominic Sewell on the front page of a local newspaper)

(newspaper photo by Stephen Goodger, photo of newspaper by anonymous)

8-3-12 The Knights of Mayhem: Full contact medieval jousting aims to become the latest U.S. extreme sport (Interesting but rather inaccurate article about the sport of modern jousting)

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