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Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Museum of Sankt Wendel Opens Exhibit About Jousting Tournaments in Preparation for "The Grand Tournament in Sankt Wendel"

The most talked about and anticipated jousting event of the year will soon occur. "Das große Turnier in Sankt Wendel" ("The Grand Tournament in Sankt Wendel") will take place Friday, August 31 – Sunday, September 2, 2012 in the historic German city of Sankt Wendel(Saint Wendel).

(promo video from the Museum of Sankt Wendel, produced by Ben van Koert)
(You can see the video with an English translation of the information about the video by following this link.)

For those who live near Sankt Wendel or those lucky enough to be attending the tournament, the Museum of Sankt Wendel has created a special exhibit about jousting tournament styles and their development over the past 500 years titled "Wenn Lanzen Brechen: Ritterliche Turniere Damals und Heute"("When Lances Break: Knightly Tournaments Past and Present"). The exhibit runs from June 29, 2012 through September 9, 2012. (photo from the Museum of Sankt Wendel website)

The exhibit includes a great deal of written information about jousting tournaments including a glossary of terms useful in discussing jousting. Basically the exhibit aims to teach visitors everything they need to know to understand and appreciate the upcoming "Grand Tournament in Sankt Wendel".

Museum patrons read information about jousting tournaments(Photo from the Museum of Sankt Wendel website)

The exhibit displays a number of valuable artifacts on loan from the arms & armour department of the Kunsthistorisches Museum(Museum of Fine Arts) in Vienna.

Frog mouth helm and other armour(Photo from the Museum of Sankt Wendel website)

Antique jousting toys(Photo from the "Grand Tournament of Sankt Wendel" website)

The exhibit also includes two of the prizes to be awarded at the tournament.

Prize for jousting(Photo from the "Grand Tournament in Sankt Wendel" website)

Prize for Highest Bravery (Click on the smaller pictures to embiggen)
(Photo from the "Grand Tournament in Sankt Wendel" website)

These prizes were hand crafted by Ralf Braune of Messerthuringia. Ralf Braune also manufactured the "Willkommen" Horn, an impressive vessel, which will be used to offer the competitors who are particularly successful in the joust or melée a drink of honour.

"Willkommen" Horn(Photo from the Messerturingia website)

You can see more pictures from the opening of the jousting tournament exhibit in this Photo Gallery.

To learn more about "The Grand Tournament in Sankt Wendel", check out their website which includes both a German version and an English version.

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