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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Rope Myers Wins the “Taking the Reins: Full Metal Jousting Armored All-Star Challenge”

This past weekend eight jousters from the reality tv show “Full Metal Jousting” had the chance to compete against each other again as a part of the event “Taking the Reins”. This event, which took place at the Alliance Energy Center in Madison, Wisconsin, featured a variety of equine activities including the “Full Metal Jousting Armored All-Star Challenge” jousting tournament.

Jousting at the Full Metal Jousting Armored All-Star Challenge
(photo by Paul Reese/Taking the Reins)

The jousters and the horses who participated in the tournament were:
James Fairclough on Harland
Joe McKinley on Jefferson
John Stikes on Phantom
Josh Avery on Cheval
Josh Knowles on Jake
Matt Hiltman on Jill
Nathan Klassen on Derby
Rope Myers on Billy

It was an exciting tournament that included several unhorsings.

Josh Knowles is unhorsed by Rope Myers(photo by Paul Reese/Taking the Reins)

And Rope Myers received a nasty cut on his chin.

Rope Myers smiles as he displays the gash on his chin(photo by James Fairclough)

Trainer Ripper Moore commented on Myers' injury:
"When I raised his bevor, the blood that had pooled there poured over the top of the helm. Then of course I had to close it again. Not comfortable, and this was only halfway through the evening. Way to cowboy up, Rope!" -- Ripper Moore

The tournament also included a timed “Gauntlet Race” that was a type of Mounted Skill at Arms course.

Joe McKinley tilts against the quintain as part of the Gauntlet Race
(photo by Paul Reese/Taking the Reins)

Rope Myers ended up winning the jousting portion of the tournament and was awarded a trophy and a check for $10,000. Matt Hiltman earned second place($5000), Josh Knowles came in third($3000) and James Fairclough, fourth($1000).

Rope Myers(center) with Rhonda Reese(left) and Troy Brick-Margelofsky(right)(photo by Paul Reese/Taking the Reins)

In addition to placing fourth in jousting, James Fairclough also won $1000 for winning the Gauntlet Race.

James Fairclough(right) with Jill Schroeter(left)(photo by Paul Reese/Taking the Reins)

You can see more pictures from the tournament in the Taking the Reins Facebook photo albums.

Many thanks to "Taking the Reins", Paul Reese and James Fairclough for providing information and pictures.