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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Impromptu Joust on 90 Mile Beach in Ahipara, New Zealand

After the “Harcourt Park 2013 World Invitational Jousting Tournament” was over, several jousters decided that they simply hadn't had enough fun yet. Jousters Vikki Subritzky and John King are training buddies in the New Zealand based Guild of the Hawk and together with some of Vikki's family friends, they arranged for international jousters Dale Gienow and Anders Fernstedt along with their jousting support crew(their families and friends) to have accommodations and horses with which to spend some time enjoying the unique lifestyle of the Far North area of New Zealand.

Left to Right: John King, Anders Fernstedt, Vikki Subritzky and Dale Gienow on 90 Mile Beach in Ahipara, New Zealand (photo by the King family)

Almost two years ago, Dale had hosted Vikki when she went to Ontario, Canada to compete in his Trillium Challenge jousting tournament, so she deemed it only fair to return the favor when he was in New Zealand. Anders Fernstedt of Sweden also accepted Vikki's invitation to spend some time in the Far North. The jousters and their families and friends spent the week following Harcourt Park 2013 swimming, fishing and riding. They also decided to hold an impromptu joust at 90 Mile Beach on Saturday, February 23rd. The beach provided a delightful venue for jousting, and with the help of the local newspaper who published several articles about the joust, there was a decent audience to cheer everyone on.

Anders Fernstedt on Holly(left) jousts John King on Buck(right)(photo by Vikki Subritzky)

When asked about this impromptu jousting event, Vikki responded:

“For me personally, it was great to bring this event to an out of the way settlement, renown for its great surfing and fishing. It was a time to catch up on family friends, make new friends, and be spiritually connected with the environment.” – Vikki Subritzky

Anders Fernstedt was declared the winner of the Ahipara 90 Mile Beach Joust, though it sounds like everyone involved had a winning experience by spending time with such an incredible group of people in such a beautiful place.

Anders Fernstedt on Holly (photo by Vikki Subritzky)

Many thanks to Vikki Subritzky for providing information and pictures for this article.

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