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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

This Weekend in New Zealand: "The Harcourt Park World Invitational Jousting Tournament"

Saturday and Sunday, February 16 - 17, jousters from New Zealand, Australia, Sweden, Belgium, Canada and the United States will compete for the Grail of Chivalry in "The Harcourt Park International Jousting Tournament." This year's tournament will be held in honor of Jouster Ulrich Kiener, who passed away earlier this year.

Click on the pictures below to animate them:

Jousters at "Harcourt Park 2012"(animated gifs from Order of the Boar)

In order to be awarded the Grail of Chivalry, jousters must demonstrate their prowess not only in the tilt yard, but also in mounted skill at arms (MSA) and the mounted melee. Novice jousters will compete against each other in an attempt to earn the Chalice of Courage.

The Grail of Chivalry and the Chalice of Courage (photo from Order of the Boar)

Some of the jousters competing for the Grail of Chivalry will include: Anders Fernstedt - Sweden, Andrew McKinnon - Australia, Dale Gienow- Canada, Frederic Piraux - Belgium, Rod Walker - Australia, Sarah Hay - Australia, Simon Tennant - New Zealand and Vikki Subritzky - New Zealand.

Novice jousters competing for the Chalice of Courage will include: Bryan Ketly - Australia, Emily Perrin - New Zealand, North Gienow - Canada and John King - New Zealand,

In addition to the jousting tournament, there will be a competitive foot battle between the Australian and New Zealand "Battle of the Nations" teams. There will also be archery and “living history” activities in a medieval tent village including food and craft stalls.

Archers at "Harcourt Park 2012" (photo from Order of the Boar)

You can find out more about the jousting tournament and the other events on "The Harcourt Park International Jousting Tournament website."

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