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Monday, July 15, 2013

In Memoriam: Oberon, June 1, 2002 - July 14, 2013

Many condolences to jouster Sean Gulick who lost his horse, Oberon (aka "Bo"), to severe gas colic yesterday, on July 14, 2013. What makes this loss even harder is that Sean, who is a geophysicist, is currently working on a ship off the coast of Alaska and was unable to say goodbye to Bo in person. Oberon was not a jousting horse for very long, but he was a great sport about all things jousting from the beginning and was an all around sweet horse. According to Sean's wife, Jennifer Jobst, who also rode Oberon for dressage and fox-hunting, "His time with us was too short and he will be sadly missed."

Sean Gulick on Oberon during jousting practice (photo by The Jousting Life)

Sean posted the following memorial for Oberon on his Facebook account:

"Oberon, aka Bo, was an 11 year old, 16.1hh Standardbred/Percheron cross. He was actually a PMU baby imported from Canada as a weanling. He was my fox-hunting and jousting horse, and was brilliant at both. He was fearless about jousting, but pretended to be terrified of random things like gates, wheelbarrows and manhole covers. My wife and I were fairly certain that he practiced cute/handsome looks in the mirror so he could con unsuspecting passers-by into giving him a treat. It usually worked!

Oberon had a few cases of mild colic, but sadly his life ended with a major case of gas colic (or bloat) on July 14, that caused a section of his intestine to flip on itself. From symptoms to passing was only 12 hours, so he did not suffer much. Jen gave him a last hug from me this morning and swears that he hugged her back. He was a great partner in the tilt and at full gallop in the hunts and I will miss him terribly. I am sure he is in a place with many carrots and endless fields to run. To Oberon, my wonderful steed." -- Sean Gulick

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