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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Interview With the Cavalry Brotherhood at Times & Epochs 2013

Three of the competitive jousters at the Times & Epochs 2013 international jousting tournament were from a jousting troupe based in St. Petersburg, Russia called Cavalry Brotherhood:

Dmitry "Dusheyron" Petukhov (photo by Zhi Zhu/The Jousting Life)

Alexsey "Budimir" Malinin (photo by Artur Demchenko)

and Andrey "Morgan" Kamin (photo by Artur Demchenko)

The Head Marshall for the tournament, Sergey "Tankred" Vislenev, is also a member of the Cavalry Brotherhood,

Sergey Vislenev (photo by Zhi Zhu/The Jousting Life)

and he kindly acted as translator during the interview.

Left to right: Dmitry "Dusheyron", Alexsey "Budimir", Andrey "Morgan" and Sergey
(video by Zhi Zhu/The Jousting Life)

Two of the three Mounted Melees were fought in teams. The members of the Calvary Brotherhood fought together for both of these team melees,and won both of them.

The Cavalry Brotherhood(left to right) Dusheyron, Morgan and Budimir
(photo from the Cavalry Brotherhood website)

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