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Friday, April 11, 2014

Joust For Fun: Unusual Things to Do in Armour

A photo album was recently started on The Jousting Life Facebook page featuring pictures of "Unusual Things to Do in Armour". Rod Walker of Full Tilt Jousting(who you might remember from the tv show "Full Metal Jousting") thought that this video fit the theme of the album nicely. However, since it is difficult to include a video in a photo album, it is being posted here.

Jouster Rod Walker is featured in an unusual ad(video by Alinta Energy)

The knight in the video is played by Rod Walker for most of the scenes, though in a few scenes of cantering down the street a lighter weight girl named Jacinta is riding in Rod's armour to make it easier for the horse. Two horses were actually used in the making of the commercial, neither of which belonged to Rod.

If you would like to see the photo album "Unusual Things to Do in Armour" as well as other pictures and links relating to jousting, check out The Jousting Life Facebook page.

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