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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Mark Caple Wins the Leeds Easter Jousting Tournament 2014

This year's annual Leeds Easter Jousting Tournament took place April 19 - 21, 2014 at the Royal Armouries Museum in Leeds. [Editorial note: This tournament is also known as The Queen's Jubilee Horn Tournament.] The tournament included demonstrations of Mounted Skill at Arms and Trick Riding by members of Atkinson Action Horses as well as the actual jousting competition. There were four jousters who competed in the tournament: Andy Deane(who won the tournament last year), Steve Morris, Stacy Van Dolah-Evans(who was awarded the Sword of Honour at last year's tournament), and, of course, this year's champion, Mark Caple.

Mark Caple on Aramis at "Leeds Easter Jousting Tournament 2014"
(photo courtesy of Royal Armouries Museum)

The horses for the jousters were provided by Mark Atkinson of Atkinson Action Horses, and apparently the jousters were quite pleased with them. Here is what jouster Steve Morris had to say about his horse Dylan:
"The horses were wonderful, could drop the reins on Dylan and he'd still go wherever I wanted him to just off the leg and seat. Mark Atkinson has him trained to a fare-the-well." -- Steve Morris

Steve Morris on Dylan jousts Andy Deane on the 'Old War Horse' Ted
(photo courtesy of Royal Armouries Museum)

The tournament champion, Mark Caple this year, wins the right to 'hold' the Queen's Jubilee Horn Trophy until the next tournament. The Queen's Golden Jubilee Horn was originally commissioned in 2002 for the Golden Jubilee Celebration honoring the 50th year of Queen Elizabeth II's reign. When the horn was presented to the queen, she offered it back to Royal Armouries to use as a prize for their jousting champions, thus making this annual joust at the Royal Armouries of Leeds the only tournament sanctioned by the Queen of England.

Jemma Bulmer, part of the museum's 'Visitor Experience' team, holds the Queen's Golden Jubilee Horn(photo courtesy of Royal Armouries Museum)

Stacy Van Dolah-Evans, who not only jousts with Mark Caple as part of the Destrier jousting troupe, but who formed half of the winning English team(the other half being Mark Caple) at last year's Arundel Castle International Tournament, had this to say about the Leeds Easter Tournament:
"Just got home from an amazing jousting weekend at the Royal Armouries in Leeds. A massive thank you to Mark Atkinson and Atkinson Action Horses for turning out such amazing jousting horses; it was an honour to be able to ride them. Thank you to Steve Morris and Andy Deane for being such great opponents. But the biggest congratulations goes to Mark Caple for winning the Queen's Golden Jubilee Horn! I could not be happier to lose to my team mate from Arundel International Tournament 2013. He turned out a perfect score in the final. Congratulations mate!" -- Stacy Van Dolah-Evans

Stacy Van Dolah-Evans at the "Leeds Easter Jousting Tournament 2014"
(photo courtesy of Royal Armouries Museum)

Mark Caple, the champion of the tournament, graciously agreed to do an interview for the readers of The Jousting Life. The interview will soon be published in a separate article.

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