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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Jousting in Italy: Giostra di Pisa 2014

[Editorial note: This article is based on an information provided by Roberto Cinquegrana, the leader of the jousting troupe Compagnia dell Aquila Bianca, through Facebook and on his blog. Roberto has done his best to share information about his jousting events with me. However, since I do not speak Italian and have had to use Google translate to try to understand what he sends me, there are probably some misunderstandings. I apologize for that. If anyone is fluent in both Italian and English who would like to help out, please email me.]

On March 22, the members of the Compagnia dell Aquila Bianca were involved in a joust in Pisa, Italy. Below is a brief video of some of the jousting passes:

Giostra di Pisa(video by Templare74)

Roberto wrote a post about the joust in Pisa on his blog, "Giostra di Pisa - 22 Marzo 2014". It is, of course, written in Italian. I attempted to translate it using Google translate. However, as anyone who has ever used a computer generated translation program knows, a lot of information is lost in translation. From what I could understand:
The weather in Pisa was not the best and the ground was very wet, so it was difficult to canter at full speed. Despite that, there were some violent lance breaks, and the audience obviously enjoyed the excitement. Pisa is a magical city, as are all historical cities, and the jousters were given great hospitality.

In addition to Roberto, there were two other jousters, Fulvio and Daniele, who showed great professionalism. Gianluigi, Enrico, Margherita and Simona(who I assume were the ground crew) provided a calming and motivational presence throughout the tournament. Roberto is very proud of the whole team.

An official named Roberta Inama tried on Roberto's armour and commented on how difficult it must be to ride a horse wearing 30 lbs of steel.

Roberta Inama in Roberto Cinquegrana's jousting armour(photo from Roberto Cinquegrana)

Many thanks to Roberto Cinquegrana for providing the information for this article.

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