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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Promotional Video for St Ives Medieval Faire & Tournament

The St Ives Medieval Faire will take place September 20 - 21 in St Ives, Sydney, Australia. There will be a historical village, a traditional archery range and a birds of prey display, but, of course, the most important feature for those of us interested in jousting will the jousting tournament.

Promo video for St Ives Medieval Faire(video by Ben van Koert/Kaos Historical Media)

The tournament is based on the idea that the olde world jousters(those from Europe) will be challenging the new world jousters(those from Australia). In addition to the jousting(with shaped solid lances such as those used in Sankt Wendel), there will also be a mounted melee. The jousters involved will be:

From the olde world:
Petter Ellingsen from Norway
Arne Koets from the Netherlands
Bertus Brokamp from the Netherlands

From the new world:
Rod Walker
Luke Binks
Andrew McKinnon
Phillip Leitch

For more information about the tournament, check out the St Ives Medieval Faire website and Facebook page.

Andreas Wenzel jousts Petter Ellingsen with shaped solid lances
(photo by Ben van Koert/Kaos Historical Media)

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