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Monday, April 21, 2014

The First Day of the Leeds Easter Jousting Tournament 2014

A nice write up about the first day of the Leeds Easter Jousting Tournament (aka the Queen's Jubilee Horn Tournament) appeared on, of all things, a blog about Judge Dredd. Steve Hargett, the creator of the blog apparently likes challenges, and writing about jousting can indeed be a challenge. Here is the intro to his blog post:

The first day of this years Easter Tournament, competing for the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Horn. Here seen in the parade before the final in 2013.

The Golden Jubilee Horn was commissioned by the Royal Armouries Leeds in 2002 to mark the 50th year of Queen Elixabeth II’s reign. presented to her at Harewood House the queen offered it back to the Royal Armouries as a prize for Jousting Champion. This competition is the only Joust sanctioned by the Queen.

The current Champion from 2013 is Andy Deane.

The horses, ground crew and all but one of the mounted squires for this event are provided by Atkinson Action Horses.

There are three parts to each round in this Tournament. The Skill at Arms by the Mounted Squires. Trick Riding by the Mounted Squires and the Joust of Peace by the Knights.

To read the complete article and see the many pictures he included, click on the link below:
Easter Tournament – Good Friday 18th April 2014 – a review of the day.

Stacy Evans(left) jousts Mark Caple(right) during the first day of the Leeds Easter Jousting Tournament(photo by Steve Hargett/Kelly Fowler)

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